Carbine Nighthawk Pro - Cylinder Included


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Carbine Night Hawk Pro, Crc-mb5 Cylinder, 60mm backset, Timber Strike, Boxed, Matte Black.

The Carbine Night Hawk Pro soars above the skies & sets the industry benchmark for night latches. Never has a night latch been designed with both the installer and end user functionality in mind and delivering a power packed feature set that provides immense benefits for the everyday user.

  • Modern styling
  • Fire rated on E-core firedoors as a secondary lock
  • Suits KeyLine LKW5 (Silca LW4) profile
  • Cylinder is a 5 pin CRC style brass 201 cylinder
  • Suitable for doors 28mm - 50mm
  • Deadlatch/ anti carding snib active whenever door is closed
  • Inside snib locking (PRIVACY). Push button snib locks outside cylinder. De-activated when inside knob operated
  • Snib lockng de-activation, can de-activate snib if not desired
  • Anti lockout/ anti slam. If 'inside snib locking' activated when door is open, when door is closed, 'inside snib locking' is automatically disabled.
  • Holdback select-ability, can change hold back direction and cancel completely if desired
  • Retrofits Lockwood nightlatches
  • Concealed fixing, no exposed fasteners for superior aesthetics
  • Stainless steel latch tongue
  • Easy reversible stainless steel latch tongue, no need to disassemble product (Philips and One Way screw supplied)
  • 4 mounting points on the plate, but 2 larger and longer screws are supplied
  • Extra side screw to mounting the return to the jamb
  • 2 extra mounting holes at the rear of the mounting plate to assist refitting onto damaged/weak hollow door
  • Extra large mounting screws supplied, these are larger diameter than Lockwood increasing mounting holding strength and ideal for replacing lock where screws previously ripped out of door. 4 supplied.
  • Reinforced inward opening strike, steel mount strike and custom extra long screws (similar to 001 strike) provides increased holding strength and can assist in repair of damaged frame
  • Available in a satin chrome and matte black finish

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