The Art of Architectural Door Hardware Selection

Selecting and scheduling door hardware  is a specialised process involving the curating and assigning of the ideal door hardware for each door within your architectural plans. This involves a careful examination of the blueprints, floor plans, identifying interior and exterior doors, and discerning their operational and aesthetic parameters.

To schedule your door furniture, follow the ENTRY-POINT PROCESS:

1. Identify Key Door Features

Commence by examining the floor plans, pinpointing each door marked on the schedule. Delve into the various attributes, such as material, transom location, frame and jamb material, hinge type, door thickness, and handing. Additionally, contemplate security requirements and aesthetic appeal. This in-depth analysis will facilitate the selection of the most suitable hardware for each portal, keeping in mind that distinct purposes, such as passage, privacy, and exterior security, demand specialised door furniture configurations. For any assistance, feel free to contact our team at scheduling@entry-point.com.au

2. Select Captivating Styles

With a solid grasp of the structural and functional elements, shift your focus to selecting a captivating door furniture style that harmonises with the overall architectural design. Allow your project's unique character to guide the choice of handles, pulls, plates, roses, and other essential elements. Ensure compliance with the Building Code of Australia regulations, addressing critical aspects such as fire rating, disabled access, and general safety considerations. For expert guidance on product selection or design inspiration, consult with our specialist team scheduling@entry-point.com.au

3. Match Accessories for a Cohesive Aesthetic

Build upon your carefully chosen door hardware by selecting complementary accessories, such as cabinet handles, sliding door pulls, and bathroom accents. Strive for a unified design language, weaving an elegant tapestry of shapes, finishes, and styles throughout your project. With our extensive range of products and special finishes, the possibilities are boundless. For further advice on coordinating accessories, reach out to our knowledgeable team at scheduling@entry-point.com.au

4. Enhancing Functionality with Refined Hardware

Consider the details that can transform your project into an exceptional masterpiece, such as turn snibs, escutcheons, latches, hinges, locks, privacy devices, door stops, and house numbers. If your vision demands a custom touch or a uniquely engineered solution, our experts are poised to bring your ideas to life. Let our team guide you through the ENTRY-POINT Process and contact us at scheduling@entry-point.com.au

5. Selecting Products and Requesting a Quote

Embark on the Entry-Point Process with our extensive product catalogue, comparing and hand-picking the elements that align with your design vision. Populate your personalized Spec Sheet List, curate a bespoke PDF book of tailored product specifications, and effortlessly Request a Quote online. You'll receive a comprehensive email confirming your product selections, followed by a dedicated team member reaching out within 48 hours to finalise details and pricing. Discover the artistry of Doorware Scheduling and elevate your project to new heights of elegance and sophistication. Feel free to contact our team for any help at scheduling@entry-point.com.au

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