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So you're as mad about handles as we are but feel like you're spoilt for choice when it comes to making a selection? How do you go about getting the perfect handles for your cabinets? Here's how to select handles that tick all the right boxes.

Handles come in all kinds of styles, materials and finishes and can help establish the style and mood of a space. But with such an impressive assortment, how do you know which handles to choose to suit your cabinets? Particularly if you want something a little different from a standard silver knob? And will something more decorative stand the test of time? We take a closer look at how you can go about the handle selection process. 

Quality and Functionality

      Handle with care

      When choosing handles, it’s essential to  ensure they’re of the best quality and are well-designed. Think about how many times you open and close the cabinet doors and drawers in your kitchen, laundry or bathroom. You will want your handles to be as comfortable as they are stylish. This is why we only stock the best of the best.

      Test out the handles you intend to buy. Hold one against your cabinet doors, check how easy it is to grip and see what it feels like in your hand. You should also ensure that the handles have the right grip for people who will be using the kitchen such as those with larger hands or older people who may have arthritic fingers.

      Visiting our showroom has helped so many people with their choice. We do sell samples, which are refundable on return. In this way, you can make the right choice for your cabinets.


      Can you handle how gorgeous ours are?

      Consider the overall style and feel you would like to achieve in the specific area of your house. The handles you choose have a significant influence on the aesthetic and can tip the style one way or another. 

      We have broken down kitchen styles into three broad categories – contemporary, traditional and transitional.


      Traditional-style cabinets with profiled doors and ornate mouldings are brought to life when adorned with decorative, old-world style handles such as the Kethy HT650/128-ABK. 

      If you decide to use a drop handle on your drawers, remember to select a matching knob to use on your doors.

      Similarly, combining a cup handle with a matching knob creates a sophisticated yet traditional look. 


      Using a very simple, streamlined handle on minimalist-style cabinets with flat-fronted doors and drawer fronts invokes a sleek, contemporary look.

      Consider slim, rectangular bar handles or softly curved barrel handles with clean lines. Also, look for handles that have flush ends instead of protruding ones.  These can hook on your clothes or scrape your limbs as you walk around.

      Our most popular handles have been the Castella Ledge Lip Pull (099) due to its sleekness and the Kethy Pinta Timber Handle (L7864) because of its natural and organic feel.


      You may not want a completely traditional or contemporary feel – maybe somewhere in between suits your taste and the style of your home better.

      You could go for a minimalist feel, but the addition of more old-world style handles adds a traditional touch to the area. Shaker-style cabinets are very versatile and the handles you choose can easily tip the style of these cabinets one way or another. Another option is to choose handles that are of a similar style and finish to your appliance handles. 

      The Finish

      The right veneer will make anyone love handles

      Once you’ve chosen the style of handles you would like, determining the finish will be a lot easier. Traditional handles, for example, are available in a variety of finishes – from stainless steel to brass, pewter and even black. 

      When deciding on a finish for your contemporary-style handles, again consider other elements in the kitchen. Polished chrome handles are very contemporary and stylish and can be used alongside a polished chrome tap.

      Similarly, brushed stainless-steel handles have a very sleek, modern look and can be matched to the stainless-steel finish of your appliances or sink.

      Take a look at our other unconventional finishes – you may be surprised with what you find. Knobs are easily replaced since you only need a screw hole in each door – so don't be afraid to experiment.


      How about a medium-sized handle?

      Some handles are available in various lengths. It's really a personal choice, and a matter of taste whether or not you mix handle lengths in your kitchen. However, using the same length of handle throughout, regardless of the length of the drawers you put them on, will create a less busy, more consistent look in the kitchen.

      Try to go for an "in-between" length handle that won't look too short on long drawers or too long on shorter drawers. If you're not sure about the correct length, ask your kitchen designer or a supplier to suggest a size they would recommend based on the size of the cabinets in your kitchen.

      If you are replacing handles, pay attention to the hole centres of your current handles. You need to match the hole centres to your new handles unless you are filling in the holes.

      Luckily, all the cabinet handles in our store show this measurement as a default, and not the overall length, so it's very easy to match. If you need assistance in finding a match, please contact us. 


      Get a handle on the right placement

      Ask your cabinet-maker/kitchen installer not to put on the handles until all your cabinetry has been installed. This will allow you to stand in your new area and hold your handles against the cabinet doors and drawers to try out different positions and heights. The general rule is that handles are placed horizontally on pull-out drawers and vertically on doors.

      Suppose you are creating a contemporary, streamlined look. In that case, you could consider placing the handles horizontally on your doors as well – but try out the feel of this first because you might find it doesn't feel as natural as opening a door with a vertical handle.

      Also, make sure the handles are placed in a position where they won't hit one another when you open your cabinets – this is something your cabinet designer should also consider if you're adding handles to a new kitchen.

      If you don't want the handles to be too much of a feature, then think about just having handles on all your base cabinets and drawers and keeping all your overhead doors free from handles. This is another way to create a less busy, more contemporary look in your kitchen.

      Remember to contact support if you have any questions about handles.

      Contact support if you need any assistance. We are also able to review your floor plans or your lists before you order. Just send them to


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