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ZandaSKU: 10040.BN/CP

Color: Brushed Nickel / Chrome Plated
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The Stride door handle, from our Futura Range, is proving to be very popular in the residential market space.

Features include;

  • 15 Year Warranty – assurance of a good quality product.
  • Brushed Nickel designer – Finish with a subtle dash of chrome.
  • 54mm screw on rose concealed Fixing. Sleek and durable.
  • Micronized Finish – wont corrode over time if maintained.
  • Through door bolts for secure Fixing – wont twist out of square.
  • Backsets are 60mm on Passage, Privacy and Entrance Sets.
  • Rebate kit to suit passage set and privacy sets; 1102.A.SC. Rebate Kit to suit the Entrance Set is 1146.SS.


For the Renovators! 

- If you are fitting this handle over an existing 54mm hole then you will need to order the adaptor plates which come as a pair. This allows you to cover the existing hole. Click HERE


Ordering Instructions:

Passage Set (Latch Included)

  • A passage set offers open and close functionality only and is the most common choice. The Zanda passage sets come with the latch and striker plate included, which is the device on the side of the door that keeps it shut. Used on any door that requires no privacy. 

Privacy Set (Latch Included)

  • A privacy set is used when privacy is required on the inside of that room such as bathrooms and toilets. This range has a snib on the handle to activate the privacy. The Zanda privacy sets come with the latch and striker plate included too.

Dummy Single (Non Handed)

  • Typically a dummy is non functioning and used on wardrobes or linen cupboards in order to keep consistency through the house. As they have no mechanical function they do not come with a latch and screw straight onto the door. Sold individually.

Entrance Set

  • This set allows you to have the same handle on your front door or any door that requires secure locking. The set includes the lever handle set, main mortice lock, cylinder for locking and the escutcheon plates; The complete set, which is what the numbers represent. 
  • You just need to decide if you want a key to unlock from the outside and turn snib on the inside (Key/Turn) or keyed both sides (Key/Key). The measurements 60mm or 70mm is in reference to cylinder size. 70mm is usually the choice for most entrance doors as they can be thicker.

Lever Set Only

  • Lever sets do not come with the latch and are typically used with a mortice lock on a front or side door. It's not common to purchase this set as a passage set or an entrance set would typically be chosen. 

Additional Information:

Door locking

  • A mortice lock is the most common high security lock which you will find on most entrance doors and is included in the entrance set. If it's a new door, however, you can combine a passage set and a slimline deadbolt instead. This provides security but has a more minimalist look. The Slimline deadbolt code is 9060. 

Door Handing (if required):

  • Some dummy and lever sets require handing because of the design.
    • Right Hand - Facing the door and you use your right hand to open the door towards you from left to right.
    • Left Hand - Facing the door and you use your left hand to open the door towards you from right to left.

Privacy Sets

  • If you prefer a separate privacy turn below the handle then you can order a passage set + a privacy turn. Search for privacy turns on our website.


If you are at all worried about what to purchase, you can email us directly with your quantities and queries and we can advise. Or call.

08 9319 8353

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