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Quality hand poured antique Brass T-Handles that are the perfect accompaniment to any kitchen/cabinetry. 

This elegantly designed, hand-poured brass t handle from Little Swagger has a clean, modern design. This t handle offers a timeless aesthetic and brushed brass style that is suitable for all types of cabinetry and kitchens. They've also been poured from a single piece of solid brass to ensure all products match in terms of colour and texture. 

Brass Cabinetry T Handle - Hilary features:

  • Made from high-quality brass
  • Modern design that suits all types of interior decor
  • Created from the same material as all Little Swagger items to ensure consistency across products
  • Brushed brass look
  • Sold individually


T Handle - Smooth 
Length - 59mm 
Height - 22mm 

Cleaning and Maintenance 

For all of Little Swagger’s products we recommend cleaning as required with warm soapy water and a soft cloth.

Caution should be used with household or industrial cleaning solutions as they may contain chemicals that can affect the clear lacquer or brass finish.

Never use a scouring pad, coarse cloth or cleaning pads with impregnated cleaning products.

If unsure or for further details contact us

Brass Patina

Brass is renowned for its colour and beauty; however, it is also subject to some natural discolouration (patina) over time when exposed to the natural environment of a home or office.

Little Swagger's Brass products are available in multiple finishes. Satin Brass is the classic gold tone prior to any aging or Patina commencing. Our Antique Brass products have had the aging process accelerated prior to the clear lacquer being applied for an antique / aged finish.   

All of Little Swagger’s brass products are coated with a clear lacquer to extend the time before the aging process commences. However, the following points can influence and accelerate this process.

- Location of handle and hence frequency of use 

- Cleaning the brass with chemicals or abrasive cloth

- Harsh environments 

As such, changes to the finish over time are not covered by our Warranty. 

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