Doric DS2 Chainwinder – Non Keyed

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The most durable single chain window winder series available on the market, the DS2 is the non-keyed variant of Doric DS1.

Delivering a solution to the growing trend of awning openings, this revolutionary product is the ultimate in window control and has changed the way in which awning windows are specified.

Being the industry leader, the DS1 and DS2 Chainwinder allows for easy operation and installation.

Combined with a stylish and easy to use slim fold down lever, this product delivers ultimate window control.

Designed for residential and commercial settings where awning openings are often found.

The DS2 Chainwinder can be pre-restricted in order to comply with the NCC and to meet the requirements with Kids Don’t Fly.


  • Window restriction compliant in association with Kids Don’t Fly with an easy chain restrictor switch
  • Removable chain from sash plate for easy and reduced installation time – EasyLink
  • Smooth, effortless operation and control for large awning openings
  • Fold down lever with adjustable spline


  • Neutral Salt and Spray tested in accordance with AZTO312.18 & AZTO313.18
  • Cycle tested on a 30kg window to over 30,000 cycles
  • Tested and surpassed chain pull test in accordance with AZTO332.18 achieving 3403.9N (standard 250N)

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