Domici Gun Metal Knurled Range By Nidus

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The Knurled Domici Handle - Gun Metal finish.

One of our most popular handle sets. Feels fantastic, looks fantastic. Great price too.

The rose plate is 63mm across so the handles retrofit over a 54mm existing hole which is a huge advantage if renovating.

We always recommend choosing the 'Latch Included' option so that the latch matched the colour of the handle.

You just need to know how many Passage, Privacy or Dummy handles you will need.

Ordering Lingo:

Passage Set (Latch Included)

  • A passage set offers open and close functionality only and is the most common choice. The Domici passage sets come with the latch and striker plate included, which is the device on the side of the door that keeps it shut. Used on any door that requires no privacy.

Privacy Set (Latch Included)

  • A privacy set is used when privacy is required on the inside of that room such as bathrooms and toilets. This range has a snib on the handle to activate the privacy. The Domici privacy sets come with the latch and striker plate included too.

Lever Set (No Latch)

  • Used with mortice locks for entrance door/ side door locking. Contact Us for help with this or order the Domici Long plate in matching colours.
  • Used as DUMMY handles for wardrobes and pantries. They come as a pair so count the dummies required and order the correct pairs. You will also need a dummy conversion kit for each handle. Code: MDUMKIT. Contact for help.


If you are at all worried about what to purchase, you can email us directly with your quantities and queries and we can advise. Or call.

08 9319 8353

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