Carbine BP-MF1 Latch Guard/ Blocker/ Anti Jimmy Plate (standard)

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Carbine BP-MF, Visible, Front Fix, Mortice Blocker Plate, Boxed, Stainless Steel

BP-MF1 - Standard backset mortice lock model

Two of the biggest issues of securing exit doors have been weather resistance and high security. Carbine commercial grade latch guards offer two levels of security & weather resistance to cover any situation. The top-level Carbine models provide a 100% stainless steel corrosion- resistant product that also delivers a very high level of security, while our mid-level mild steel models are suitable for more general security and lower weather resistance. Both series combine strength and a neat appearance to provide a professional look when fitted to external doors. In addition, with a lockset rose cut out which protects the lock latch from external attack.

  • Provides latch protection against jemmying when fitted to the outside of an exit door
  • 3mm thickness
  • 3 Different models available lockset, mortice or narrow mortice
  • Visible or concealed fixing available
  • lockset and mortice visible fixing via 4 cuphead bolts and dome nuts for or by concealed fixing versions
  • Narrow style visible fixing is via 2 cuphead bolts and dome nuts or concealed fixing versions
  • Supplied with 33.7mm bolts to fit door thicknesses 30mm-55mm

Stainless Steel

  • Fire rated
  • 304 grade stainless steel
  • Packing plates of 4.0mm thickness available
  • All parts are stainless steel
  • Supplied in a stainless steel finish
  • Supplied in box or display pack

Mild steel

  • Mild steel material
  • Supplied in plastic bag packaging

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