The Berlin Rectangular Backplate by Iver

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 The Berlin lever features a sleek bar-shaped handle, reminiscent of a classic Bauhaus design. The lever’s clean and unadorned form is visually striking, while its ergonomic handle ensures ease of use. The Berlin lever is an essential choice for any project that seeks to capture the essence of modern style and practicality.

The Berlin lever can be purchased as a passage, privacy or entrance kit which includes all components required for your door to function.

As part of the Berlin whole-of-home collection, a matching pull, cabinet knob and privacy turn are also available.


For internal doors where a lock is not required, including bedrooms, living rooms, hall doors and laundries.

Latch included means it comes with the latch for the inside of the door + the striker plate for the frame.


For internal doors where privacy is needed, including bathrooms, powder rooms, offices and bedrooms.

Integrated privacy is where the stick snib for the handle locking on the inside of the room is on the rosette.

Latch and bolt included means that the separate privacy turn and bolt is included in the kit. This is a separate piece of kit to the handle. The handle included is a passage handle.


For external doors that need high security locks, including front and back entrance doors, garage access, patios and storerooms.

Key/Turn means a turn snib on the inside to lock the door Key/Key means you would lock with a key on the inside.


All Berlin levers and backplates have been successfully fire rated to 2 hours to meet the requirements of the Australian Standard (AS1530.4:2014). For more details contact a member of our sales team.



Height: 240mm
Width: 38mm
Length: 117mm
Projection: 53mm
Centre to centre: 205mm

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