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If you are looking for a new Door Handle you need to start with its function. The Door Handle will be used on an interior or exterior door. It will need a lock or just a privacy latch or none at all. The below is our quick guide to buying door handles from Zanda


What is a Dummy?

  • This is a fixed lever that is used with a door catch or door magnets. Typically used on wardrobes or closet doors. You just need to choose if the handle is on the left (Left Hand) of the door or on the right (Right Hand).

What is an Entrance Set?

  • Generally used for external doors or high-security situations. They require a key to unlock externally, and an option of a key or turn snib internally. Typically applications are entrance doors, back doors, garage side doors and sheds. 
  • You can have the same handle on your front door or any door that requires secure locking. The set includes the lever handle set, main mortice lock, cylinder for locking and the escutcheon plates; The complete set, which is what the numbers represent. 

  • You just need to decide if you want a key to unlock from the outside and turn snib on the inside (Key/Turn) or keyed both sides (Key/Key). The measurements 60mm or 70mm is in reference to cylinder size. 70mm is usually the choice for most entrance doors as they can be thicker.

What is a Lever Set?

  • Lever sets do not come with the latch and are typically used with a mortice lock on a front or side door especially if you already have a working mortice lock. It’s not common to purchase this set as a passage set or an entrance set would typically be chosen.

What is a Passage Set?
  • Generally used internally for doors you won’t want to lock. Typical applications are bedrooms, living areas, walk-in robes and laundry. The Zanda passage set comes with the latch included, which is the device on the side of the door that keeps it shut.

What is a Privacy Set?

  • Used for internal doors that require locking. They have a snib on the handle or a separate privacy kit below the handle (Astron Range) with an emergency release on the other side. Typical situations are bathrooms, powder rooms, bedrooms and the office. The Zanda privacy sets come with the latch included too.
  • passage set or an entrance set would typically be chosen. 

What other door locking options are there?

  • People are starting to choose a passage set with an accompanying deadbolt positioned above. This gives a more minimalist look. The Zanda slimline deadbolt code is 9060 and can also be chosen with a key or turn snib on the inside.

What is a separate Privacy Kit?

  • A separate privacy kit sits below the passage set and is a turn snib with a privacy bolt keeping the door shut. This can be used if you prefer not to have a push snib. With the Astron range, the privacy kit is compulsory as there are no push snib privacy handles due to its solid brass interior.

What is a rose or a longplate?

  • A rose is a round or square backplate that fixes to the door. They mainly come in 55mm wide sizes but the triad range has a 65mm backplate to retrofit over existing holes. With the Futura range, you can purchase larger adapter plates if required to cover a large hole.
  • A long plate is precisely that. The longplate version of a handle. This also comes in passage, dummy and entrance. The privacy, however, has a privacy turn and comes with a privacy mortice lock.

What if I'm retrofitting over old holes?

  • You need to measure the existing hole. If it's a 54mm hole then you will need adapter plates, or to choose a handle with a large rose. If it's a hole smaller then you can choose what you like.

What about sliding doors?

  • Sliding doors require flush pulls, cavity sliding pulls and possibly privacy turns for toilets. We have a great range of Zanda sliding hardware.

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