Sometimes we put so much focus on aesthetics that we neglect the experience. Sure, you want your space to look beautiful when you’re redecorating, but how do you want it to feel? Touch is the first sense that humans develop and it influences how we experience the world around us. If texture forms an essential element of your design style, prepare to fall in love with our range of super-textured and super-luxurious kitchen cabinet handles and knobs.

B205 cabinet handle by Kethy


Forged from die-cast zinc, these Kethy cabinet handles embody premium quality. Choose the black or white options for a slightly textured finish that feels magnificent in the hand. 

Shell handle by Kethy


There’s something about the contours of these Kethy Shell handles that adds a touch of subtle humour to a room. Their lightly brushed surface gives them a soft look that you can feel as soon you touch them. 

B714 handle by Kethy


These Kethy kitchen handles have a striking edginess that’s balanced perfectly by their fleecy feel. These handles will go well with industrial-style kitchens with exposed brick and complementary metallic elements. 

B682 handle by Kethy


Thanks to their arched inner bridges, these Kethy cabinet handles fit snugly against your palm for a genuinely ergonomic fit. The subtly textured finish gives you incredible grip while minimising those pesky fingerprints. 

B283 knob by Kethy


The minimalist B283 Kethy knobs are delicate to the touch but still manage to make a bold statement. Their matte finish will add an eye-catching contrast to glossy and colourful cabinets. 

Square knob by Kethy


Square lines have a way of focusing the eye on important features in your space. You can use these square Kethy knobs to complete a statement cabinet or to balance light wood. 

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